Dispute Resolution • On-site Neutral

Dispute Resolution is an alternate to litigation. If there is a dispute on a construction job,
Building Construction Professionals will provide the service, as a neutral, to review the
contract and situation and make a non-binding recommendation. The majority of the
mediated cases do NOT go to litigation and save the owner and contractor
considerable time and money on the job.

As an On-Site Neutral, I may be available for interpretations and any questions
regarding issues, I may be used as a point of reference for a dispute in process
(ombudsman), or to make recommendation for an ongoing dispute.

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I will review the contract, hear both sides of the dispute (from the owner and the contractor)
and then after asking questions, I will present a written, non-binding recommendation
for resolution of the dispute to you of my recommendation and considerations or rationale.
The report normally includes an explanation of the evaluation of the facts and
contract provisions along with the rationale for it's conclusions.

Services may be performed in part or whole as follows:

Review contract.

Keep abreast of job progress and developments.
Identify ways to minimize exposure to unanticipated additional costs or disputes.
Construction Schedule Review & Progress Analyses.
Claims Impact Intervention.
Meet with the owner and contractor representatives during regular site visits.
Encourage the resolution of disputes at the job level.
Walk the project - submit operation reports.
If dispute or potential disagreement, hear both sides of the story.
Ask questions/research issues.
Present a written, non-binding recommendation for resolution.
To help you manage disputes and realize successful projects, contact Building Construction Professionals certified in each of the Alternative Dispute Resolution areas of Arbitration, Mediation, and Dispute Review Board (On-Site Neutral) via (858)613-1900 or e-mail: ricki@buildingconstructionpro.com