Project Management is the professional management of a single project
from the planning and design phase through closeout and occupancy.

Project management services may include:

· Condition or Cause/Origin Report.
· Destructive Testing, as needed.
· Developing an estimated project budget.
· Project definition and desired building materials/products.
· Optimizing strategies for purchasing and scheduling construction.
· Manufacturer’s specifications compiled defining project for bidders.
· Soliciting & evaluating bidders to ensure qualification & competitive prices.
· Management information system.
· Schedule of planning and construction activities, mobilization, staging.
· Cost Control – Unit Costs and Billing Procedures.
· On Job - Quality Assurance: Schedule and quality control.
· Review of documents for coordination and constructability
· Soliciting reputable, licensed contractors for quotes.
· Evaluating bids for competitive pricing.
· Closeout, warranty, and document turnover.
· Maintenance Program.