Building Construction Professionals, dedicated to providing assistance on roofing projects,
concentrates services on design review, existing roof system evaluation,
developing plans and specifications, quality control observations,
testing of roof systems, and specifying roof maintenance programs.

· Roof evaluations - condition reports
· Plans & specifications
· Roof maintenance identification
· Roof & asbestos testing
· Contractor prequalification
· Quality control observations
· Roof maintenance programs

· Leak investigation
· Systems failure analysis
· System evaluation to provide alternatives for repair or replacement
· Budgetary estimates for roofing repair or replacement
· Project Management
· Roofing system evaluation for commercial property acquisitions
· Development of roof maintenance programs

· Specification development
· Review of existing construction documents
· Bid Administration - Bid review, contractor evaluation and reference check, etc.
· Pre-Bid Meeting with prospective Contractors
· Pre-Job Meeting with Construction Team
· In-field, full-time or periodic quality control material application
· Verification of completion of Final Punch List
· Close-down Binder and Warranty follow-up
· Maintenance Programs

Building Construction Professionals is completely independent of
any contractor or manufacturer of roofing materials in order to insure that
a conflict of interest will not jeopardize the customer’s concern.